Networks of Egg Vending Machines All Over Romania

Based on the efficiency of selling their eggs directly to the population, poultry farmers started to buy and open egg vending machines in the main Romanian cities under local brands.

OUL BĂNĂȚEAN raised its Timișoara network to 10 machines starting with November 2012. The machines are installed in public markets as well as key-locations in the crowded neighborhoods of blocks of flats and residential areas.

Egg vending machine installed in Timisoara by OUL BANATEAN

“Rather then obtaining an unfair price from wholesalers and being payed very late thus compromising our cash-flow, we are happy to operate our own selling points. We reached the number of machines able to sell a significant percent of our whole daily egg production and we will raise the number of egg vending machines during 2013 trying to cover the whole daily production to be sold through machines. I am satisfied the low personnel costs together with fair renting fees and diminished energy consumption generated for 2012 an exceptional OPEX allowing an accelerated amortization. The machines payed back their whole acquisition costs in less then 4 months since installation” declares Turc Ioan, General Manager of COMAGRA BEREGSĂU and owner of a 60.000 hen farm.

OVOSIB farms decided to start with four machines in Sibiu, Romania and the daily average sales are exceeding the projected business plan. “Using the OvOMachs we fill out the zones where otherwise would be very hard if not impossible for us to enter the targeted area. Some of the small markets already sell other brands of eggs on a traditional commercial relation being difficult to stop. If this re-sellers own the only mini market in the neighborhood, the only solution for the people being able to taste our superior quality eggs proved to be the egg vending machine. In many situations a good spot is so small that only an egg vending machine can fit it. And the solution proved to be the right one” says Claudiu Graffius, owner of OVOSIB FARMS.

One egg vending machine opened in Sibiu by OVOSIBAnother egg vending machine opened in Sibiu by OVOSIB

REGALINA brand also started their network with the first three machines opened in 2012 in Brasov, an over 200.000 population town in middle Romania. Neagu brothers, Vlad and Ionuț, owners of the egg farm, opines: “The daily cash the machines produces allows us to cover the current activity demands. For my company at this moment is a start with the purpose to test this niche’s pottential. Each machine’s daily sales raises as the people finds out they can buy REGALINA’s well known quality eggs at this good price. A marketing campaign for each OvOMach’s area should help even more for raising the sales and we will try it”

Brasov Star egg vending machine Brasov Astra egg vending machineVENDMACH CONSULTING SRL, the egg vending machine supplier and owner of the OvOMach brand, established as internal target for Romanian market the coverage of all major cities in Romania at the end of 2013. The main policy of VENDMACH board is to find preferably one single egg farmer client for each city, with perspectives of raising the number of machines until the network reaches the correlated population number of the targeted town. The international develop of the dealers network is also a major concern.

Egg Wars – The Empire Strikes Back

The European Community, playing the Hen with Golden Eggs’ role, will warn Romania officially notifying it for irregularities regarding the raising conditions for egg chickens, the main cause being the fail in implementing until 1st of January 2012 the EU decision of banning the use of “battery” type metal cages in egg farms. Other countries which will be officially notified for starting the „infringement” procedures (the first step of a long legal trial which leads to penalties) are France, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Holland and Portugal.

In these days, half of the eggs in Europe are made by chickens living overcrowded and eating daily in infectious and rusty metal cages, the result being obvious: the eggs are carrying chickens’ sufferance, improper feeding and the poor quality, it is small in dimensions, tasteless and carcinogenic, the eggs are filled with the „negative energy” the tormented mother-chicken transfers to it. In the corporatist vision, the hens are numerous and dumb, as are their eggs made to be eaten by the „dumb but numerous” citizens. Our life is invaded daily by these eggs in the supermarkets’ overstocks, for small prices, coming in many cases from imports. The source of these eggs are countries where the exporters shook hands with the black market wholesalers of the importing states, which buys hundreds of trailers filled with eggs for prices without VAT and sells it without papers on their indigene market. The pensioners, blinded by TV spots’ colours are daily buying with their trembling hands from the neighbourhood supermarket: if the price is low, it is eggs after all, isn’t it?Battery type metal cages for raising egg chickens

This is another example of an open-market capitalist economy „miracle”, a theoretical truth which in practice is contradicting the common sense and the human nature, transforming itself in a real danger for our children health for the unique purpose of filling corporations’ pockets – another example where the unprepared EU markets are used as consumer markets by other more developed countries, not giving them a chance of developing a profitable and healthy genuine farming sector in this direction. From this point of view, the measure announced in October 2011 by the EU Commissary for health and Consumer Policy John Dalli, which interdicted the sale of eggs coming from battery raised chicken, is salutary. The question is, how deepen will involute the rupture between the EU officials and the EU countries’ governments as representatives of the capitalist politic parties’ mafia which financed their elections and projected them as puppet rulers of states?

In Romania, the National Sanity Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) announced already in December 2011 that the eggs marked with code „3”, obtained from chicken raised in unimproved cages, will not be allowed anymore in the stores, the commerce with these eggs being totally banned starting with the 1st of January 2012.

We are curious if the imports of these code „3” eggs will be banned as well, because if this will prove being true, it will lead to a general revitalisation of the farmers and small entrepreneurs owning egg chickens in Romania. For preventing the egg prices explosion, we sincerely recommend to the producers to eliminate from the commercial chain the intermediaries and to self-administrate their own commercial chain of egg vending machines, selling their products directly to the population.

OvOMach egg vending machine in INDAGRA Bucharest exhibition!

In a wonderful sunny day, today 19th of October 2011, the International Fair of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry INDAGRA has opened its gates in ROMEXPO Exhibitions Center in Bucharest!

The OvOMach egg vending machine is present and can be admired and tested in VENDMACH CONSULTING’s exhibition stand which is located in the Poultry Hall in E2 pavilion.

The egg farmers individuals and farming companies assaulted the „Egg Jukebox” and they freely get during the exhibition a printed personalized Business Plan for this new, extremly profitable business which facilitates them the direct sell of their daily production to the citizens as final cosumers for atractive prices.

VENDMACH representatives, based on Timișoara’s positive experience of the first egg vending machines commercial network, estimates that the minimal investment for an egg distribution machine pays off in less then a year, cashing off by daily sales enough money for an immediate profitability. This way the producer stops being dependent and is not waiting the delayed wholersalers’ and supermarkets’ payments anymore. COMAGRA BEREGSĂU is already selling in Timișoara hundreds of egg cartons every day via its first two OvOMach601 egg vending machines installed in Dacia and Lipovei public markets.

VENDMACH offers during the fair free business advices for choosing the optimal type of egg vending machine, the logistic setup of the business including the daily transportation of the eggs to the machines and the financial and surveilance systems setup.

The new thematic roof is born!

After several weeks of hard labor and durability testing, we proudly present you the new state-of-the-art thematic EGG ROOF for OvOMach600 egg vending machine.

The new egg vending machine thematic roofEntirely made of fiberglass, it can be produced in any color the client might desire. On top of the roof stands a perfect natural colored egg, which is perfectly sculptured in order to reach perfect natural egg-like form.