OvOMach egg vending machine in INDAGRA Bucharest exhibition!

In a wonderful sunny day, today 19th of October 2011, the International Fair of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry INDAGRA has opened its gates in ROMEXPO Exhibitions Center in Bucharest!

The OvOMach egg vending machine is present and can be admired and tested in VENDMACH CONSULTING’s exhibition stand which is located in the Poultry Hall in E2 pavilion.

The egg farmers individuals and farming companies assaulted the „Egg Jukebox” and they freely get during the exhibition a printed personalized Business Plan for this new, extremly profitable business which facilitates them the direct sell of their daily production to the citizens as final cosumers for atractive prices.

VENDMACH representatives, based on Timișoara’s positive experience of the first egg vending machines commercial network, estimates that the minimal investment for an egg distribution machine pays off in less then a year, cashing off by daily sales enough money for an immediate profitability. This way the producer stops being dependent and is not waiting the delayed wholersalers’ and supermarkets’ payments anymore. COMAGRA BEREGSĂU is already selling in Timișoara hundreds of egg cartons every day via its first two OvOMach601 egg vending machines installed in Dacia and Lipovei public markets.

VENDMACH offers during the fair free business advices for choosing the optimal type of egg vending machine, the logistic setup of the business including the daily transportation of the eggs to the machines and the financial and surveilance systems setup.

First network of egg vending machines opened in Timisoara, Romania

Saturday the 1st of October 2011 the first egg vending machine opened in Dacia Market in the middle of Timisoara town of Romania. Having over 300.000 inhabitants and situated in the Western side of the country, Timisoara is Romania’s second important city both economically and demographically, making it an ideal location for an egg vending machine opening.

The company COMAGRA BEREGSAU SA, owner of „Oul Banatean” trademark and exploiting over 2.500 hectares of agricultural crops, is owning one of Timis county’s biggest egg farms. COMAGRA is VENDMACH CONSULTING’s first network client. The eggs comes directly from COMAGRA’s production farm, being delivered fresh to the machines which are being installed in Timisoara town’s markets. The hens are raised on the ground and feed with a natural corn-based diet making the eggs delicious. The price of a 6 egg carton is only 2,7 RON which is the equivalent of 0,60 EUR – that mens 10 eurocents per egg.

Imediately after the opening, a huge cue has made, town’s people being eager to buy cheap, quality eggs directly from the producer. In the evening, hundreds of egg cartons was already sold, the producer COMAGRA having to refill the 864 egg capacity OvOMach603 machine several times until the daily SD card financial closing.

The OvOMach603 egg vending machine, the second one in Vendmach OvOMach series, is especially designed to endure high levels of daily sales of over 1000 deliveries/day with an average delivery time of 25 seconds for each client from the moment of introducing money to the moment of taking the egg carton from the machine. The capacity is the highest from its series and can be adapted to various egg carton dimensions. OvOMach603 is especially designed and equipped for making networks of egg vending machines in medium and large towns. The first day at work proved the high quality and reliability of the OvOMach egg vending machine, with zero technical problems.

„We are happy of having from now on the opportunity of buying fresh, natural eggs directly from the Beregsau farm. Is a very good thing for me and my kids and I’m happy it happened in our neighborhood. Until now we had to search to find real eggs, like the ones I was eating in my childhood. All the supermarkets are filled with low quality eggs imported from other countries, with foggy production and expiry dates. Hopefully extending this kind of healthy commerce to as many towns as possible, the leaches will be eliminated from the base food commerce and the money from our pockets will only reach the deserved target, that is the producer which takes all the hard work” declared Maria Antonescu, a customer interviewed near the egg vending machine.