Presenting the new OvOMach600

The brand new OvOMach600 egg vending machineThe new OvOMach egg vending machine series enables the selling of all types of egg cartons using a spiral technology and a brand new smooth delivery system. The total capacity is between 500 and 4000 eggs, depending on the model, number of drawers and the egg carton capacity.

For the specific OvOMach600, we recommend 6 eggs cartons, with a maximum of 8 drawers containing 10 or 12 cartons each. The machine comes with the following key features:

  • Cooling full automation with temperature controller, automatic defreezer and an as low as 3 degrees Celsius temperature constant ambient which enables the machine to function even is placed outside in public markets summer full sun
  • Programmable temperature cooling graph with temperature recordings based on HACCP international food safety policies
  • High quality insulation and optional frost proof system for outside positioning in winter, in countries where the temperature drops down to -20 C
  • ECO friendly with the lowest energy consumption in its class due to the high quality insulating materials used
  • FRESHCONTROL technology with double temperature barrier on delivery, enabling the machine to continue to function independently of the client’s usage behavior. The client is not asked to do anything after the vending sequence is completed by the egg carton delivery, this way the malfunctions being prevented
  • Active anti-vandalism protection for all machine parts, including payment system, refrigeration system and delivery area. A direct streaming IP video camera is available as well as an option, enabling the administrators to follow real time video from the machine to any mobile device all around the world
  • Optical sensor for securing the delivery. Client’s credit will not be used until the egg carton physically passes to the delivery pocket
  • Electronic downloadable meters for all the indicators related with the money, quantities and events
  • Especially designed for being used in networks of egg vending machines managed by a single employee supplying the egg cartons from the farm, downloading the reports on SD card and cashing the money from the boxes at the end of the day, all these in a single visit to each machine
  • GSM/GPRS with server assistance as an option, allowing the machine to send SMS to the administrator announcing the nearly empty situation and the possible events on the site
  • Certified according with EU and USA regulations regarding all quality and food safety normative
  • Guaranteed 12 months for the whole and 24 months for specific components like the payment systems
  • VENDMACH is also providing full assistance with market studies for correct positioning in the towns for maximize the sales, marketing assistance with publicity campaign, training in Romania for the employees, logistic assistance, business plan including the cashflow and the P&L

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