VENDMACH is introducing the first egg vending machine!

VENDMACH CONSULTING is a young and dynamic company settled in the western Romania. In the last two years we developed a pilot-project in the food vending industry area, allowing the egg farmers to directly sell their production to the population.

The brand new OvOMach600 egg vending machine has been tested before the market launch and continuously brought towards a perfect state of functionality.

The vending technology evolution favored during the last years major changes in the FMCG markets and especially alimentary base products markets. The huge market shares for basic products like milk and eggs will be in short time owned by the individual farmers, agricultural companies and small cooperatives producing the aliments themselves. We invested all our energy to deliver a perfect egg vending machine to the whole world because we strongly believe this will be the future of the distributing concept of the next decades.

Our concept of egg vending machine is not only meant for individual purposes, but for developing consistent networks of automatic distributors in all towns around the world, including small, medium and large towns as well. The new standards in GSM/GPRS communications as well as the latest trends in automatics enabled the usage of peak technology so that the egg-selling machines are having smallest operational costs. The main difference between OvOMach and other singular small projects in egg vending automation is the professional way the machine is made, which is especialy designated to be reliable and user-friendly. VENDMACH is also prepared to deliver the machine on a serial basis.

The cost reduction for the farmer using our egg vending machines is originated in new concepts, like – for example – the delivery of the eggs cartons without breaking the thermal graph in the inside of the machine. The operational costs is massively reduced by getting rid of the unnecessary employees, one person being able to manage alone a network of more then twenty egg vending machines. This concept is also sustained by strong electronic reporting and controlling systems the machines are equipped with.

The egg vending machines are also equipped with SD card readers for data management using a PC, laptop, netbook or smartphone as well as top quality payment systems for all countries’ banknotes, coins and cashless cards and/or electronic keys. The machines are prepared to give change, interact with the client in specific languages and follow all the international regulations regarding the food safety laws.